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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Concept of Atmanivedanam

Hinduism is also considered to be a material science.The reason for calling it material science is  because without life or Jeeva  there cannot be a science and this thought process was first introduced by our great Hindu Acharyas and later carried forward  by our ancestors.Our Acharyas were the greatest scientists. On one hand we have  material science where matter can be split into electron ,positron,neutron econ,energy and on the other hand we have meta physical science ( Adhyatmika) which is related to Jeeva or life. Until the advent of Max Plank, scientists were of the opinion that if we give the same instruments to all scientists across the world and conduct the same scientific experiments, the results would be same.From  Max Plank( who had discovered Quantum Theory) onwards  the interpretation changed. Max Plank said "I regard consciousness as fundamental and matter as a derivative of it"  Hindus should be proud of this statement because this is what our Vedas have taught us. Einsten also came forward and said that "Science is according to the Scientist". Per Einstein  "The world directly never yields to you there is a description in between". Here the description is called Atmanivedanam, that is, how you think about the world is your description of the world.What you see and think of the world is your approach to the world and in reality it may be different.

ഏകൻ മമ സുഖദാതാ ജഗതി മ-
റ്റേകൻ മമ ദു:ഖദാതാവിതി വൃഥാ
തോന്നുകയില്ല ബുധന്മാർക്കതേതുമേ

Ekan mama sukhadatha jagathi ma-
ttekan mama dukhadathavithi vritha
thonnunnu anjaana budhikalkaeppozhum
thonnukayilla budhanmarkku aethume

The above sloka is from Adhyatma Ramayana which says that Ignorant people think happiness and sorrow are bestowed by another person but a wise person never thinks like this. These are the lines from the great epic Ramayana.Swamiji explains the concept with an example of Shri Vallathol, who was a great malayalam poet.There is one poem in which Shri Vallathol describes the beauty of a Rooster. If a person has not seen a Rooster, after  reading this poem, he will get a nice picture of  the Rooster. Unfortunately Shri Vallathol was a meat eater and the day when this poem came live on Radio he was having a party with his friends and the same Rooster was on his plate.The moment he took the neck of the Rooster to eat, the portion he wrote describing the beauty of the Rooster's neck was heard from the radio.The neck of the Rooster dropped from his hand.The same Rooster's neck, but one was fried and other was when the Rooster was alive. Vallathol's appreciation of the beauty of the Rooster's neck came out in the form of a Poem. Here the fried neck is the result of modernisation and the other based on the culture and respect of living beings. It is to be understood that the Rooster never told Vallathol to write a poem on its beauty but Vallathol's appreciation of the Rooster's beauty resulted in a poem. Here the change happened to Vallathol and not the Rooster. On the other hand, the butcher, for his profit brought this Rooster, and sold it's meat.The Rooster never told the butcher to kill and give it to Vallathol as meat. Here the change happened to Vallathol  and the butcher 's mind and not the Rooster. Here two persons have different views on the same object based on their culture. In our Hindu scriptures this is termed as Atmanivedanam. The change is happening in our minds and not in the object .

Yastu sarvani bhutani
Sarvabhuteshuchatman am
Tatho na vijugupsate

I don't have the right to hate anybody beacuse I (Atman)  am also present in them and vice versa. If there is a science which describes how to maintain an unchanging personality in this changing world it is described in Hinduism. It is to be understood that when we fight over issues which we feel is right, the change is happening in our mind and not in the opponents, if we are able to understand the concept of Atmanivedanam there won't be any social problems and peace and tranquility will prevail .

Concept of Atmanivedanam taken from the speech of Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Tiruvadikal. Listen to the concept in Swamiji's own words below.http://youtu.be/1_oE9ZS52j4

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