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Scientific Analysis of Sree Chakra

Modern science has come up with a deeper meaning in Sree Chakra which is considered symbolic in Tantra Sasthra. Experiments show that when the Mula Mantram of Sree Lalithambika Devi is recited correctly ,Sree Durga Devi's form with four hands, is formed in the atmosphere.
ഓം ഹ്രീം ലളിതാംബികായൈ നമ:
ക എ ഇ ല ഹ്രീം
ഹ സ ക ഹ ല ഹ്രീം
സ ക ല ഹ്രീം
The above Sloka is the Mula Mantram of Sree Lalithambika Devi .The effect of this mantram can be analyzed using the Tonoscope .Tonoscope is an instrument which measures the frequency and tone of sound and gives a pictorial representation of the wave form. When we connect the tonoscope to a computer and recite the mula mantram of Sree Lalithambika Devi the output is the Sree Chakra. Sree Chakra is a mathematical scientific wonder and so far it has not been fully analyzed.The second part of the analysis is to pass a Laser beam through the centre of Sree Chakra and develop a Hologram which results in the image of Sree Lalithambika Devi with four hands. This explains the existence of Sree Lalithambika Devi in the Sree Chakra.

Bharathiya Rishis were so advanced and they were able to arrange syllables in an order which when repeated in that order in proper frequency and tone brings out the proper form (roopam) in the atmosphere.This shows how sound and form are closely related and the excellence of Bharathiya Rishi parampara in formulating this. Bharathiya Rishis had extensive knowledge of the science, relationship between Vigraham, Yantram ,Mula Mantram and the impact of these on the Universe.

Below images shows Sree Chakra image from Tonoscope and principle of Hologram.
Scientific analysis of Sree Chakra taken from the speech of Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Tiruvadikal. Listen to the concept in Swamiji's own words below.


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