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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sundar Kand -Hanumanji Sloka Meaning

Atulita-bala-dhaamam Svarnashailaabha-deham
Danujavana-krushaanum gnaninaam-agraganyam
Sakala-guna-nidhaanam vaanaraanaam-adhisham :
Raghupati-vara dutam vaatajaatam namaami
Word by word meaning

Atulita-bala-dhaamam - One who is the seat of immense strength
Svarnam - Gold
Shailam - Mountain
Abha - Luminosity
Deham - Body or physique
Svarnashailaabha-deham - One who is bearing a shining physique like a golden mountain
Danujan - Demon
Vanam - Forest
Krushaanu - Fire
Danujavana-krushaanum - One who is fire against the forest of demons.Here if mind is filled with bad thoughts as Demon he annihilates those demons inside also.
Gnaninaam-agraganyam - The wisest among all the enligtened people.
Nidhaanam - Abode or resting place or a place where from anything is created.
Sakala-guna-nidhaanam - The mine of all virtues.
Vaanaraanaam-adhisham = The master of all monkeys.
Vaanara has got another meaning which is expounded with an exclamatory sense means it is a mark of exclamation.Person who is beyond anything limited. Who just goes  beyond the limitations of human being .There Va is an exclamatory mark
Raghupati-vara dutam - The great messenger of the Lord of Raghu's Race
Vaatajaatam - The son of wind God or born as a son of wind god.That is what we call Vayuputra.
Namaami  - I prostrate

Here Hanumanji is excelled and exalted as the mine of all virtues The wisest among all.The fire against the forest of demons. He is bearing a shining physique like a golden mountain with immense strength.He is the master of all monkeys and the great messenger of Lord of Raghu's Race Sree Ram. I prostrate  before such a son of the wind God.

Sundar Kand -Hanumanji Sloka Meaning  taken from the speech of Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Tiruvadikal. Listen to the concept in Swamiji's own words below.

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