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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Essence of Ramayana

Ramayana is the first and noblest of its kind as an epic.It uplifts a person from a lower  to the higher status of Life.The sublime principles of life are glorified in it.The viles and virtues are given importance in personal  life and in social order.Dharmic discipline is established in all walks of life.Strength and steadiness ,vigor and vitality, wit and wisdom are taken as the instruments  for the promotion of Dharma.Dharma is accepted as the nucleus of life.The morals and values  of human life are always protected .The indiscipline of negative forces of life is discouraged and defeated

The symbolism in Ramayana is very much attractive.Here the lower status of human mind is gradually lifted to the higher status of spiritual order for which the qualities of the human mind are transformed into the characters of Ramayana.The Heroes and heroines wear significance as symbols to suggest the qualities of the human mind .The viles  and virtues are discussed through this brilliant technique The viles are defeated and virtues are promoted The negative forces are discouraged and positive values are encouraged .

Animate and inanimate are included as tools and instruments for the success of this noble venture.Brahma, Vishnu,Maheswara, Rishis, Rakshas, Devas and Asuras, Men and Monkeys Emperors and Empires,Mountains and Seas, Birds and Animals, Jungles and Beaches are effective participants in this mystical and mundane operation for which avatar is taken as a medium through which the sublimity is explained.

The concept of Avatar or Incarnation.
The luminous of sublimity of the great epic is Rama  His superior personality leads us to higher status of impersonality. Impersonality means an ethic which is  visible an all pervading  power which is invisible.which is explained through a person. Rama is the nucleus and the central figure in the mystical science formed as a epic.In all mystical poems the great sage poets have adopted a beautiful method to explain  the invisible truth. By explaining the visible media they lead us to the unseen and unfelt truth. Incarnation is a function with a word meaning that comes down from a higher stage to the lower.

The higher truth has a no quality.It is beyond all qualities but the lower is with qualities.The higher is formless,the lower is in all forms.The higher is experience and the lower is experiment.The higher is purusha and the lower is prakrithi.The higher is Nirguna but the lower is saguna.Nirguna means having no quality which cannot be explained through qualities Which cannot be visible through the qualities but the lower is saguna Saguna means with qualities.Visibly having guna and by other programs of organs it can be explained so it is called the Saguna.The higher is Brahman the lower is Prakrithi The higher is knowledge and the lower nescience.Nescience means ignorance The higher is luminousness   and the lower luminous. Luminousness  is the status of being  illumined Lower is luminous means which is inspired or instigated  to shine or to glitter or to make anything active The higher hiranyagrabha the other virat cosmic The higher is impersonal and the lower personal .

Enlightened Gurus try to impart the knowledge of the impersonal through the personal but being personal, formed into personal ,the latter never looses the capacity to transform himself  into  luminousness.Here the meaning is, anything in the form with  a name has its own limitation.It will be never be all pervading.It will never be omniscient  or omnipresent which cannot do anything other than the law of form and name.So here, the avatar is not like that Though the avatar has a form and name it is not within the limitations of its form and name but it goes beyond it, breaks all the limitations and then merges with the impersonal. All the impersonal qualities are explained through the personality,so  Ram. the incarnation and Brahman are one and the same.That means personal is equal to impersonal So service to Ram is a service to ones own self. Why?  because Self is the Brahman,Self is the Soul and Self is the Ram.That is a sacred work to transform oneself into Atma Ram .Atma Ram means by ones own contemplation and meditation the upasaka is becoming with  the qualities of  the upasyam or if  somebody's is contemplating or meditating on Ram in the final end he himself is transformed into Ram or with Ram;s qualities .Thus serving Ram means lifting oneself to the status of Ram.

Essence of Ramayana taken from the speech of Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Tiruvadikal. Listen to the concept in Swamiji's own words below. http://youtu.be/L_r0EgzX92M

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