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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cyclic Model proves Hinduism's concept of the Universe.

Great Hindu saints from time immemorial have described the nature of the universe.The universe never ends and goes on in a cyclic manner.It expands and then contracts to an atom.The above theory was not accepted by the Western scientists for a long time.

Two scientists Paul Steinhardt (Princeton University )  and Neil Turok (Cambridge University) did research on the Big Bang Theory and ended up with "cyclic model".They came to the conclusion that  there could be a timeless cycle of expansion and contraction. It’s an idea as old as Hinduism, updated for the 21st century.Whatever the  Hindu scriptures described about the universe millions of years ago has been proven scientifically in this century.

This drives us to the conclusion that Hindu scriptures are very scientific and to the point.Most of what we discover today can be traced back to Hindu Scriptures written by Great Hindu Sages millions of years ago.

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Listen to the concept from Swamiji's own words below.

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