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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Things to follow while cooking and serving food from Swamiji's Padapooja Book.

Blog readers may find a bit surprising  to find a post on cooking and serving in a religious blog.However in reality without food there is no existence of nature itself.Annam or food is everybody's life force or if we put it in another way Life force is everybody's Annam or food.

Annad bhavanti bhutani (All living bodies subsist on food grains)
Annam bahu kurvita.(Ensure abundance of food all over)
Annam na nindhyath (Do not abuse food)

I have summarized a couple of points below from Swamiji's Padapooja book

  • Kitchen should be considered equivalent to a Pooja Room. Cleanliness and purity should be maintained similar to a Pooja Room.
  • While cooking make sure our mind is clean and not filled with unwanted thoughts.Any unwanted thought has a negative effect on the food.
  • Avoid discussion on anybody/anything while cooking and serving the food.
  • Prepare only the food required and concentrate on quality rather than increasing the number of dishes to show our financial status.
  • Always maintain good thoughts and words during cooking and serving. Any change in thought will affect the action and hence the food.All good action of ours will  benefit the person who consumes the food in a positive way..
  • Always use proper utensils for cooking.
  • Fresh vegetables will add up to the taste.If possible get vegetables not contaminated with pesticides.
  • Avoid cooking and eating non  vegetarian foods.Animals facing slaughter develop a chain of psychological infirmities. A serum forming out of fear would poison the blood and flesh of  the killed animal. This acts as a negative force and is harmful to the health of the person consuming it.

The above points are taken from Padapooja book written by Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Tiruvadikal .This book is an exhaustive text on the Guru -Shishya relation between BrahmaSree Neelakanta Gurupadar and Swamiji and the significance of the interactions of the Guru with the disciples and devotees.

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