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Friday, March 4, 2011

Lord Sree Ram's association with other sections of people

Common allegation against Sree Ram is that Ram was against people belonging to other caste and the incident narrated is that Sambhooka who belonged to sudra caste was killed by Sree Ram while in meditation.The fact is Lord Sree Ram was not against any section of people.There are a couple of examples in Ramayan to prove it.

Sree Ram consumed food given by Sabari. and advised her the path of salvation.Sabari means parachi or chandali which belongs to a group below sudra.As per Marathi Ramayan the fruits offered to Sree Ram was tasted by Sabari.Sabari tasted the fruits to make sure she gave only the fruits with good taste to Sree Ram.Sree Ram  visted Sabari's Monastery because  she had attained supreme knowledge by practicing penance.

Another example is about Guhan the tribal leader.Sree Ram on his way to Lanka met Guhan and embraced him and also while coming back from 14 years of exile with help of hanuman met Guhan again.

Another allegation raised against Sree Ram is instead of listening to Sugriva the King ,Ram listened to Hanuman who was minister or messenger of Sugriva.This was because Hanuman was more superior in knowledge compared to Sugriva .This is cited by the following incident-when Sree Ram met Vibheshana,Sugriva tells Rama not to accept him.Hanuman on the other hand advised Rama that Vibheshana did not have any Rakshasa quality even though he belonged to Rakshasa group.

Hanumanji's words from Ramayanam
ജാതിനാമാദികള്‍ക്കല്ല ഗുണഗണഭേദമെന്നത്രേ ബുധന്‍മാരുടെ മതം

The above incidents show Lord Sree Ram never cared for any caste,creed or color and only the quality of the person.

 Listen to the concept in Swamiji's own words below.http://youtu.be/juxKEWJJtQ8

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