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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Relationship between Sound and Form(Roopam)

It may be a surprise to hear that sound and form are one and the same.Lets look at an example and understand the above statement.A child sitting inside the house hears his father’s voice outside the house.After hearing his father’s voice the child need not go outside to confirm in order to tell his Mother that father is coming.When father’s voice is heard a picture of his father is formed in his mind.On the other hand  if the child did not have the image of the father associated with the sound he would have told somebody else had come.

The image formed in child’s mind after hearing his father’s voice is through thought waves.With thought waves sound is formed as well as the image associated.When the child calls father also the same thought waves are used.

When sound (Nada) is heard the first motion is Bindu and the image formed is Kala.The theory of creation is explained from Nada Bindu Kala.This explains that an image is merged in sound.When a glass falls and breaks we say with the help of sound and image that the sound was that of a glass breaking.Likewise when  a crow caw’s the same principle is applied and we say a crow is cawing and not a hen.All this is possible because of the association of image and sound.The basis of sound and image(Roopam) are the same.This Principle was discovered by our sages in Ancient Bharath.It is unfortunate that the modern scientists are still groping in darkness when all this had already been described ages ago. They do not acknowledge the contributions of our Sages due to their ignorance.

Concept taken from the speech of Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Tiruvadikal.Listen to the concept from swamiji's own words below

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