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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Harivarasanam Project by Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Tiruvadikal

The Harivarasanam project was the dream project of Swamiji aimed at development of Sabarimala, the biggest Hindu piligrimage destination in the world. This eco friendly project was submitted to Travancore Devasom board & Government of Kerala in the year 1995 for approval..So far no action has been taken.The project was aimed at removing all difficulties faced by the crores of Ayyappa devotees who throng Sabarimala every year and to develop the overall infrastructure at Sabarimala.The project covers all aspects related to the temple starting from Flyover,Yajna mandapam,Tanthri Mandhiram,Gopuram,Hospitals ,Security towers etc

Shri A.K Antony did try to implement this plan but due to other pressures did not succeed.The world famous architect from America Harby also had good words of appreciation for this project.

The project was designed in a such a way that nobody could loot sabarimala money when implementating the project.If somebody alters the plan then it can open up for other people to loot the sabarimala money.

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harikumarp said...

Swamijiye pole oralinte swapnam aya ee padhhathy nadappakkikkan kazhivillatha nam ororutharum , gurudakshina nalkatha sishyan marayi.... manmarayum

Abhi said...

Ofcourse...this project will solve all problems of Sabarimala...hundreds can view Lord Ayappa in one time stand...so no rush,no hurry..and the main merit is this is not only a simple project from the minds of Engineers and Architects its from the mind of a Guru...the Great Swamiji...Swamiji's longtime speech is remarkable..none of the Guru other than Swamiji had never been did in such a style of Speech...My Pranams Jai seetharam