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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

The Significance behind lighting the Lamp(Nila Vilakku or Lighted Oil stand)

The oil stand lamp signifies the light of knowledge,which dispels the darkness of ignorance.It shines itself and causes the objects around to shine due to its reflection.The fire which is at the middle of the five elements-Earth,Water,Fire,Air,Space-and gives them power and heat is the splendour that is at the middle of the body of all living beings. There are three Sandhyas or the juncture-one at dawn, another in the midday and one at dusk.Since the sun shines brilliantly in the midday, no additional lamp is required.But,at the other two sandhyas, an additional lamp is required.It also signifies prosperity,Goddess Lakshmi.

Lighting the lamp at dawn-After a nights restful sleep,the body needs the lamp to invigorate the body and mind.It prepares the person for a day with it's luminosity and warmth.It also imparts the much needed energy for the day ahead.The spiritual science evaluates sleep as ignorance and awakening as knowledge.If the mind and intelligence are not alert the result will be complete darkness.Besides it is auspicious to gain knowledge during the early hours of the morning between 3:15 AM and 5:30AM as the preceptors in their subtle bodies and other divine beings and deities have their presence and movements during this time.

Lighting the lamp at dusk-During the day the heat of the sun and the numerous activities cause dust particles to rise and with them they carry germs.To the end of the day as the suns energy diminishes and atmosphere cools,these particles come closer to the earth's surface.The lamp at this time lighted at the entrance of the house keeps these away with it's warmth and luminosity.Thus it helps in maintaining a healthy population as people return to their homes after the days work.One who cleans his body and meditates in front of lighted lamp gets quick relief from the days fatigue. Let the moments in front of those lamps filled withe the sound of recitation of hymns not become alien to us. 

Listen to the concept of lighting the Lamp(Nila Vilakku or Lighted Oil stand) in Swamiji's own words below.http://youtu.be/CK0_KTIFNE0

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