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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Significance of 28th Day Thread Ceremony for Newborns.

It is a common custom followed to tie a black or black and yellow thread around the the waist of a Newborn at the 28th day.Initially this custom was followed  exactly at the 28th day after the child was born.Now since people are pre-occupied with work this ceremony is conducted on a Holiday and extends to 29th or 30th day.Majority of the people do not know the significance of this ceremony why it has to be on the 28th day.

There are 28 stars associated with our system starting with Aswathy,Bharani and going up-to Abhijith (28th Star.2.5 Nazhika). Normally Astrologers take only 27 stars into consideration because Abhijith has a short time duration when compared to other stars.But Abhijith is strong during the period when it is present.28 days constitute a Chandra Masa(Moon Month). In 28 days these stars will come face to face with the Moon one by one.The rays from the star will get mixed with the rays of the Moon and Somam( A subtle matter in the form of liquid ) which is present on the surface of the moon and fall on the earth in all living and non living beings.Moon is also called Soman because of presence of Somam. A combination of the rays from the star of that day,Moon and somam fall on all human beings at night.These rays get solidified when sun rays fall on it and become a  grain which is very subtle.This grain is so subtle that several grains may be confined to the point of a pin.This grain is called Pithru Pindam as per Rig Veda.Pindam is the smallest form of matter.The Scientists from West have named this " Paternal mass". Pithru Pindam got from 28 stars in 28 days forms a jelly like seed called Tandulum.In a normal person after 16 years of age this Tandulum will mix with blood to produce the necessary count for reproduction.This process exists in plants too and is responsible for their growth.This is the reason why Moon is also called" Aushadheesan".

When a baby is born 21 Pithru Pindam will get transferred to the child from the father.The remaining 7 remain with the father.From the second generation to 3rd,4th,5th,6th and 7th generation 15,10,6,3 and 1 are transferred. This is how heredity of a person spans to 7 generations.The Vedas have already stated the genesis long back.

For a newborn 28 days signifiy 28 Pithru Pindam which binds 7 generations and the newborn is indebted to previous 7 generations. It has been already stated that by the doctors "Ancestral discipline of the successor-ship is in 7 ancestor sections". Black thread signifies that you are bound to the world. Also, the color of Thamasa Gunam is black.Yellow thread signifies your duty to free yourself from ancestral bondage.Yellow color has the property to overcome difficulties.This explains why it is  important to conduct the thread ceremony on the 28th day and not on any other day.

Concept of 28th Day Thread Ceremony for Newborn taken from the speech of Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Tiruvadikal. Listen to the concept in Swamiji's own words below. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Life Principle of Plants

Hindu or Bharathyia culture considers World as one family  (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam).This single entity includes all living and non living beings.In this post we look at plant kingdom and how it is closely associated with human beings.Plants around you can be the reincarnation of  your grandfather,father, children etc.

Cleve Backster, an interrogation specialist, had done lot of research in analyzing the behavior of Plants.In one of the research he used polygraph electrodes attached to Philodendron.The polygraph machine can record physiological changes just like ECG.After setting the electrodes, Baxter asked one of his colleague  to pluck the leaf of the plant.No changes were observed on the tape.Next he asked to pluck the bud and now again the plant did not show any change.Then Baxter asked him to burn the plant.Suddenly abnormal  waves were recorded on the tape.Initially Baxter thought there was some problem with his physiology and after repeated experiments confirmed that abnormal wave forms were from the plant itself.The Plant was responding to the negative intention of burning the Plant.This experiments shows that if we pluck leaves or bud from the plant which can benefit  others it has no issue but responds if we try to destroy the plant.This shows how plants are closely associated and part of our world family and ready to sacrifice for the benefit of other living beings.

If we take the seed of Arayaal (Peepal),it contains the life principle of the Tree and if the life principle is not there it won't grow in the form of a tree.The matter contained in the seed is responsible for the growth of the tree.It contains the seed for the structure,the life force of the future tree and the environment in which it can sprout and grow.All these things are fused together in the seed. The sound waves formed in this state is useful for all living beings. Studies conducted during Athirathram Yajna (Kundoor,Kerala) on plants before and after Yajna showed positive changes in the Plants during Yajna's or chanting Mantra's.

Swamiji in his speech narrates another incident associated with plants.Couple of people from Mahatma Gandhi University visited swamiji. Swamiji was having a discussion how to evaluate the concept of  World as one family  (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) using Science.One of the visitors Dr Joseph from Mahatma Gandhi University told swamiji his experience with Plants. He planted a small Thottavadi (Mimosa pudica) and took great care of it just like he would look after his own child.When the plant grew up he noticed the leaves of the plant did not fold when he touched it.The normal behavior of this plant was  to fold its leaves if somebody touches it. It has also got another name "Touch Me Not". When the leaves did not fold he was very surprised.In order to understand the  behavior of the plant he asked another person in his house to go near the plant and check if the plant needed some watering .When the other person reached near the plant it sensed the breath and immediately folded it's leaves.When Dr Joseph went near it, it suddenly came back to normal form.This shows the relationship build between plant and human being when the person was emotionally close to it.

Concept of Life Principle in Plants taken from the speech of Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Tiruvadikal..Listen to the concept in Swamiji's own words below.